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Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Cat Eyes

  Follow the steps, and you might have most fine Cat-Eyes look:)

Some of my own Cat-Eyes style make-up

My current favorite liquid eyeliner by Maybelline

I love... love... love... Cat-eyes style!!!

Well... I am not that expert of doing make-up, but now I know what kind of style that perfect for my face (especially eyes).

I admit, it was not that easy drawing this kind of style, need lots of time and practices at the very beginning. After a while I'm a bit faster drawing the lines using my waterproof eyeliner.

Oh, and one of the best advice is...PLEASE... before you think of drawing it, you have to get the best WATERPROOF eyeliner, no need to be that expensive but make sure it won't make you look like a clown if you're sweating a lot.

In this post I attached my own doodles of how to draw a good Cat-Eyes look, so easy... you could nailed it in one or two attempts.


1. Draw a fine line from left to right with pencil or liquid eyeliner. Make sure you have the confident to draw it, if not you will get a bumpy line (Trust me, you don't want bumpy lines)

2. After that you have to draw a sort of triangle shape on the corner of your eyes. You can extend the line as long as you want, so it will be as dramatic as the occasion.

3. Done with the triangle shape, now you have to fill it with liquid eyeliner. 

4. Hello gorgeous eyes...!!! 


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I Love NYC

Yellow cab miniatures at the Brooklyn bridge

Early morning meeting outfit, with faux fur jacket of course:)

We were shooting some scenes at Brooklyn area, and met these cool people that were actually dancing on the street

Times Square at night

 Randomly met Ms. Cameron Diaz

I love traveling, well who doesn't?

And I was lucky enough to be able to visit New York City, which is my most favorite city beside Jakarta.

It was a work related trip. In this journey everyday's a working slash sight seeing day.

I have so much love for this city, the food, the building, and... YES... the clothing and footwear selections (my all-time favorite subject!)

We went to several parts of the city, and we stopped at several cool places as well. No kidding, we went to this small coffee joint in Brooklyn and bumped into Cameron Diaz!!! 

I love NYC even more...


Monday, January 19, 2015

A Collaboraton With LEE Jeans

Photo by: Boni Febrianda

Photo by: Boni Febrianda

Photo by: Boni Febrianda

Photo by: Boni Febrianda

 My own custom LEE's jacket with leather fringe

 Holes in one:)

I am a big fan of jeans...

And, who doesn't love jeans???

It was an amazing moment... when few moments ago LEE Jeans offered me to be one of their jeans collaborators. 

They were celebrating Lee's 125 years anniversary.

Part of their celebration, they invited 5 people (Me, Dita, Winny, Tora, and Ade) to join their projects. It was a fun agenda, when five people able to remake or customize LEE's Jackets and Jeans according to their own personality.

And above are my custom pair of LEE's Jeans:)


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