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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Royal Raoul

I'm wearing my vintage faux fur jacket with Raoul top and short pants

My crush for this week is Raoul!!! 

I called it #myweekwithRaoul since literally for the past this week all I do is mix and match some of my everyday clothes with Raoul latest collection.

Love their latest collection that full with understated look together with its sharp clean cut.

Have a good week love:)


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Srikandi Merah Putih

Jika berbicara tentang idola fashion sudah pasti pilihan saya adalah Karl Lagerfeld, namun ketika berbicara tentang idola hidup pemenangnya adalah ibu saya. Bagi saya ibu adalah sosok wanita yang kuat dan sangat menginspirasi dengan karyanya sebagai seorang ibu maupun seorang style maker. 
Sebagai penghargaan terhadap wanita super, maka Indosat Mentari melahirkan Srikandi Merah Putih, yaitu suatu bentuk apresiasi terhadap wanita Indonesia. Pada halaman terdapat sederet wanita 'super' yang tak hanya menginspirasi juga sangat berprestasi di bidangnya masing-masing.
Salah satu yang sangat menginspirasi saya adalah si mungil Alanda Kariza, di usianya yang muda belia prestasinya sudah selangit dan salah satu yang paling dekat di hati saya adalah salah satu buku tulisannya yang berjudul Dream Catcher! Totally Inspiring!

Kampanye Srikandi Merah Putih ini berlangsung dari 8 Maret 2014 sampai 14 April 2014.
Temukan cerita inspirasional sekaligus beragam kejutan menarik dengan mengunjungi website

Berikut adalah syarat dan ketentuannya:

Pengguna Indosat Follow @indosat ( on twitter ) dan atau Indosat.Mentari ( on FB Fanpage). Peserta Srikandi Cerminanku harus memilih salah satu Srikandi Merah Putih dan  memberikan deskripsi mengenai alasan Srikandi tersebut menjadi Srikandi Cerminanku
Peserta Srikandi Negerikuku harus mengirimkan nama Srikandi Negeriku yang dianggap sesuai disertakan dengan alasannya.

This is one of my best part! Hadiah...!!!!

Srikandi Cerminanku , 
5 orang yang terpilih akan mendapatkan masing-masing produk kecantikan senilai @Rp 500.000,-

3 submiters beruntung Srikandi Negeriku , akan mendapatkan masing-masing produk kecantikan senilai @Rp 500.000,-

1 orang yang terpilih menjadi Srikandi Merah Putih akan diberikan penghargaan dan biaya pelatihan bersamaan dengan 21 Srikandi Merah Putih yang sudah terpilih dan dipilih langsung oleh Indosat

Berkunjung ke websitenya dan temukan siapa Srikandi Merah Putih-mu:)


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Beanie Business

Photo credit: Nessa Khalifardi

Photo credit:  William Chandra

 Photo credit: Arief Prabowo

Photo credit: Jessica Candradi

As the trend goes by suddenly I have my new favorite fashion item, BEANIE!!! Well, I do collect hats, vintage hats, turban, and so on, yet I never had a beanie before. 
It began when my good friend, Young Hartono, came back from his holiday and give me couple of beanies, and from that moment on, I have a love affair with the black beanie.

What kind of hats do you like? 



My Raoul

Another surprise from Raoul !!! 

Def' a sweet gift contain a set of luxurious leather bag and pouch from its latest collection. 

This season Raoul give you the coolest accessories collection, and it's understated. 

What I love about them is that they personalized it for me, as you can see that capital D.U is stand for Dewi Utari, makes me feel so special, you should have your own Raoul.


Babe Alert

These are our latest editorial photo shoot for Jetgala magazine in Indonesia. The production team: Stanley Allan as the photographer, me as the stylist, Priscilla Myrna as the make up artist, and Fitria Yusuf as the model.

I think it was one of the most glamorous editorial I have ever styled, what do you think?


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Swatch Tasty Weekend

 Delicakes signature Salted Caramel Choux and Choco Ganache Choux

Delicakes custom Rainbow Frosting Cupcakes 

This was how I decorate the signature Delicakes Vanilla cupcakes with rainbow buttercream frosting 

  Delicakes custom Vanilla Cupcakes

Delicakes Vanilla Eclairs with pink chantilly frosting on top

Delicakes Vanilla Eclairs galore

 The Swatch "Pastry Chef" collection

 The party invitation, the cutest ever:)


How was your weekend???

Mine was a mind blowing experience! It was an honor for me to host the Swatch Indonesia event at both of their stores (Pondok Indah Mall and Senayan City).
Swatch has their new theme of collection, "Pastry Chef." Therefore they asked me to joined them as their pastry chef:)

It was so much fun, there was a cupcakes tutorial session, where everyone can join me and decorate cupcakes also eclairs from our Bakery shop, Delicakes. All of the sudden when the show started like literally everyone was watching and they excited to try as well. 

I'm HAPPY:) 

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