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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Swatch Tasty Weekend

 Delicakes signature Salted Caramel Choux and Choco Ganache Choux

Delicakes custom Rainbow Frosting Cupcakes 

This was how I decorate the signature Delicakes Vanilla cupcakes with rainbow buttercream frosting 

  Delicakes custom Vanilla Cupcakes

Delicakes Vanilla Eclairs with pink chantilly frosting on top

Delicakes Vanilla Eclairs galore

 The Swatch "Pastry Chef" collection

 The party invitation, the cutest ever:)


How was your weekend???

Mine was a mind blowing experience! It was an honor for me to host the Swatch Indonesia event at both of their stores (Pondok Indah Mall and Senayan City).
Swatch has their new theme of collection, "Pastry Chef." Therefore they asked me to joined them as their pastry chef:)

It was so much fun, there was a cupcakes tutorial session, where everyone can join me and decorate cupcakes also eclairs from our Bakery shop, Delicakes. All of the sudden when the show started like literally everyone was watching and they excited to try as well. 

I'm HAPPY:) 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Must Have Item: Rexona Invisible Dry

"No need to ask me, Black and white def' my favorite colors! Most of my wardrobe collection full of black and white ensemble, from dress, top, to cut out blazer. Black and white outfit makes me confident in everyday life, yet I don't like to see white marks on my black precious top, or yellow stain on my white shirt.
For the past months I've been using this Rexona Invisible Dry, it protects my fav black wardrobe from white marks, also protect my white shirt from yellow stain, totally crazy about it!
Here are some of my favorite black and white look, how about your look? Share your black and white look based on your personal style, and win some cool prize! Visit or Facebook Rexona to join Rexona Invisible Dry Black & White Style Challenge now."

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