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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Conscious Life

 Some of H&M Conscious collection, made from conscious materials : Organic cotton, Recycled polyester, Recycled polyamide, Recycled plastic, Organic linen, Recycled cotton, Recycled wool, TENCEL ®, Organic hemp, Organic Jute.

"There is no way for us not to think about and invest in our sustainability, because it simply makes business sense." Says H&M CEO Karl-Johan Persson.

That simple statement was inspiring me in between our group discussion with Karl-Johan Persson himself, and some fellow journalists. I never knew that H&M has a very big dream to make the world 'better', literally.

H&M Conscious is the name for all H&M’s work for a more sustainable fashion future. H&M like to think of sustainability as a word of action, something they do rather than something they simply say. It is an ongoing process with a clear direction to be continuously improved. It is a journey that requires determination, passion and teamwork.

In their opinion it is all about the magic 3 Ps, which are PEOPLE, PLANET, and PROFIT.  Three of them are highly interconnected, and equally important. As we know, the earth is facing scarcity issues on many fronts. Clean water, energy and cotton, to name a few. H&M sees those problem, and their vision is that all of H&M operations should be run in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. 

Turning this vision into a reality helps H&M do great business using fewer resources. It also allows them to contribute to better lives for people and communities around the world. Yet, H&M always goes beyond that. They want to make more sustainable choices in fashion available, affordable and attractive to as many people as possible. 

Together with millions of H&M customers, they can bring massive change – from improving the livelihood of a cotton farmer to how their customers care for the clothes they buy.
H&M want their colleagues to be proud of where they work. H&M want their customers to feel reassured about the fashion they buy and that we have exceeded their expectations. H&M want to take on the challenge of making fashion sustainable and sustainability fashionable. 

That is why they have created H&M Conscious. With seven ambitious strategic commitments at its heart: 

1. Provide fashion for conscious customers
2. Choose and reward responsible partners
3. Be ethical
4. Be climate smart
5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
6. Use natural resources responsibly
7. Strengthen communities 

H&M Conscious collection

Are you conscious enough???

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